trailstream TV

trailstream TV – is ‘low cost’ TV product that allows travel agents to present promotional offers accompanied by high quality hotel & destination videos and still images on their own TV/digital display screens.


trailstream TV allows you to create a series of offers in the form of a ‘playlists’. Each offer in the playlist consists of a supporting image, hotel or destination guide video, along with a sales message detailing the particular offer or information. The video or image is shown on the left of the screen whilst your message is shown on the right. Choose from our extensive video library which contains over 3000 videos, one of our images or simply choose to upload your own images into the playlist.

trailstream will design the screen to reflect your own branding and will incorporate your company logo. You can have as many ‘playlists’ as you like using trailstream’s library of over 3000 hotel and 250 destination/resort guide videos.

trailstream TV:

Gold Edition – You are in complete control of all offers displayed on the screen. Price from £49 per month

Silver Edition – You control 50% of the playlist time, we’ll publish trade friendly offers on the other 50% of the time. Price from £25 per month.