trailstream Brochure Content

We’ve got package holiday and cruise content in real depth with trailstream ONE and trailstream TWO - our databases of operator content. Available to plug into your website turning lookers into bookers.


“I have never seen in 9 years such a great team, good eye, flexible and professional! All the staff pointed out to me that they were proud to help them.
Thank you so much.”

Ane Ugarte
Sales & Marketing Director
Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort

Key benefits

Improve your website conversion rate
Increase your average selling price
Reduce costly fact finding calls to you agents

trailstream ONE - package holiday content

trailstream ONE

trailstream collects and processes content from hundreds of operator brochures from the most popular operators such as Thomson, Thomas Cook through to the smaller independents. We digitise all of this content and store it in our central database trailstream ONE. Once it’s in the database we can make the content available to your website so you can display hotel, destination descriptions and images along with your holidays and prices - giving your users a detailed view of the holidays you offer.

Updated continually, we refresh all the content every time new editions of brochures are published, to ensure that it’s as accurate and up to date as possible as well as including some hotels which the operator didn’t include in the printed brochure. On top of this we provide the technology to link the hotel descriptions to the holiday availability information your website uses, even if the operators have used abbreviations for the names or misspellings.

Linking your website to trailstream ONE

trailstream ONE is available as a Web Service so we host all the content for you to access when required. This means you don’t have to worry about storing the content on your site or keeping it constantly updated as this is all done for you.


Our content and technology has already been integrated with a number of leading travel technology companies including Comtec, Micros, Multicom, and Voyager Travel Systems, making the task of using trailstream content even easier.

Content included:

Each of the hotels in trailstream ONE includes full text and images. This is captured direct from the brochure or supplied to us by the operators as extracts from their own databases and can typically include

  • Full text description with HTML styles and layouts
  • Multiple images for the accommodation (typically 3, often 5 or more)
  • All Images are available in multiple sizes, for showing as thumbnails, normal shots or zooming in for large 400 pixel wide images where available
  • Operator terms and conditions and ‘A-Z Guide’ from the back of the brochure

Matching to holiday availability information

If your website searches holiday availability data that availability data needs to be matched to the trailstream ONE content - a difficult task when operators miss spell hotel names or use abbreviations. trailstream ONE understands this and can immediately match its brochure content to a varying array of hotel names and spellings - these matching rules are constantly monitored and updated to track new hotel names and aliases.

trailstream TWO - cruise content

trailstream TWO

Like package holidays, trailstream sources brochure content from cruise operators, digitises and processes it ready for use on your website - all loaded into our trailstream TWO cruise database. If you sell cruise on your website we can give you access to highly detailed itinerary ship and ports of call content - accessed as and when it’s required.

As with holidays, we update every brochure and edition that an operator publishes in order to keep the database up to date.

Content included

  • Comprehensive and detailed cruise content
  • Complete itinerary details with maps & photography
  • Ship information
  • Descriptions
  • Photography
  • Deck plans
  • Facilities, leisure activies, resturaunts and entertainments
  • Cabin types, cabin photography and layouts
  • Ports of call descriptions and photography
  • Operator brochure terms & conditions
  • All photos available in multiple sizes for display and zooming in